DIY Magnetic Makeup Board

This allows me to rid my life of a chaotic, disorganized makeup bag and replace it with a fun and easy way of displaying my makeup collection. I can see everything I have, making getting ready a breeze!

magnetic makeup board

What You’ll Need:

1. large picture frame – judge the size you want by how much makeup you want to display

2. two sheets of 1 ft. x 2 ft. 28 gauge galvanized steel 

3. fabric of your choice

4. spray adhesive

5. different sized strong hold magnets

6. super glue and duct tape


For this project, the dimensions of the metal sheet and the fabric will depend on the size of the frame you buy. For mine, the sheets of metal had to be cut and duct taped together in order to fit my frame. I had a pair of metal cutting scissors that I used to cut the sheets. Once they were cut to the right sizes, I duct taped the two sheets together on one side.

I flipped the sheets over so that side without the duct tape was facing up. I sprayed the adhesive all over the front and laid the fabric down and smoothed it out. Flip the metal back over and secure the extra fabric over the side and place the covered metal inside the frame. Now mount the frame to the wall.

Take out all of the makeup you wish to display and secure a magnet to the back of each cosmetic item using super glue. Some of the bigger items require bigger magnets or two magnets so that they hold to the sheet and hang evenly. NOTE: some magnets have a certain side that is more magnetized than the other so make sure you check both sides of the magnet before deciding which side to glue and which side to place magnetically to the board.

Finally, I didn’t want to hang my brushes, mascara, lipgloss, lipstick, etc. on the board so I bought $1 metal buckets from Target and placed them underneath the board and put all of my extra product in those. The buckets had a green ribbon in them but because I have a red fabric on my board, I changed it to a maroon ribbon to match.

makeup storage
makeup storage


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