DIY Jewelry Display

The first craft I’d like to share with all of you is my simple jewelry organizer for the wall.

What You’ll Need:

1. 2 ft. long copper pipe (1/2 inch in diameter) from Home Depot



2. four 1/2 inch copper tube caps from Home Depot

3. four screw hooks from Home Depot










For my particular display I decided to use one 2 ft pipe and had them cut it in half for me in the store but depending on how much jewelry you have, you may want the pipe to be longer or shorter. I had planned on using one half for bracelets, and one half for rings however once I glued the caps on the ends of the pipe my rings no longer fit so i used both halves for bracelets since I have plenty to fill both.

The copper pipe has some printed text on the exterior that comes right off with any household cleaner and paper towel. Next, glue the caps onto the ends of the pipe using crazy/super glue and let dry for a few minutes.

I tried screwing the hooks right into my wall but because it’s made out of drywall the screws were uneven and extremely wobbly so I had to go back to the hardware store and buy plastic wall anchors to fit the size of the screw hook. Using a level, drill two holes into the wall and hammer in the plastic anchors. Once the anchors are in place, the hooks will screw right in and hold tight. NOTE: make sure your screw hooks are long enough so that your pipe sits far enough away from the wall so your wider bracelets will hang straight down and not hit the wall.

Now just hang all of your jewelry on the pipe and lay it down into the hooks! For anything without a clasp, just lift up the pipe to take it off.

This whole project cost me about $20 and provides a modern, colorful alternative to storing and displaying my jewelry.


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